Take control of your working day


Did you know that office employees are interrupted on average every ten minutes? It is therefore particularly important to have smart routines that enable you to take control of your working day!

We have all encountered them, enthusiastic colleagues who want to tell you what they did at the weekend, are constantly asking for advice or commenting loudly on just about everything that happens in the workplace. It can actually be quite nice, but it also takes up time and energy. For the fact is that it isn't just the interruption itself that is a problem, but you basically have to start again from scratch each time you are dragged away from an assignment. It then takes an average of about 15 minutes before you have regained your concentration.
Neither should you believe anybody who claims to easily be able to keep six or seven tasks in their head and that interruptions don't make any difference. It's not true. A French study has demonstrated that it is difficult to even maintain focus on two events at the same time, and if a third arrives then it is just about impossible to keep your head clear.
A simple tip for a more structured working day is when starting a task to turn off your mobile phone and email, two activities which really take up a lot of time. Some companies, such as Ferrari in Italy, have even gone so far as to disconnect internal mail as surveys have revealed that we check our mail on average 50 times a day. Being constantly reachable simply creates stress and frustration. The fundamental rule of ”one thing at a time” is sound advice! You can also talk to your employer about introducing distraction-free zones. At Kinnarps we are happy to help you to produce overall solutions based on our Next Office philosophy. For we are aware that an ordinary day at work entails a range of different assignments and challenges. Read more here!