Fields is a contemporary concept that brings together the shared and the private, meetings and working alone, the individual and the group. Developed and designed in collaboration with the Swedish designer Olle Gyllang from Propeller Design, Fields is a range that supports tomorrow's way of working, developed for activity-based workplaces. With Fields you can create shared environments, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative environments and spaces for concentrated work or private workplaces. The different modules in Fields can be combined, linked together and placed exactly where you need them. With the extensive range, in combination with the large assortment of colours, materials and accessories, you can create the expression you want.

*This is a selection from Kinnarps Colour Studio
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Fields film Fields konceptet har ett modulärt och flexibelt tänk.
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A balanced design

Fields has been designed by Swedish designer Olle Gyllang from Stockholm-based Propeller Design AB, A large part of the work of developing Fields was to create conditions for different activity types needed in the working environments of today and tomorrow. From getting away on your own so that you can work and concentrate with no distractions, to various types of meetings and cooperation. The design has been balanced so that the parts can be combined while retaining a coherent expression. 

"The basic concept of Fields is a modular and flexible system where functions and parts can be combined depending on requirements, conditions and space. We have created the building blocks and options; now the architect can step in and use these as a basis for designing high-quality functional environments."

- Olle Gyllang, Propeller Design AB

Brighten up your working day

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Product overview

The Fields modules give you the flexibility to create solutions customised for your needs and your working environment. The various units can be combined depending on what sort of expression and functionality you want. The design has been created so that the parts can be combined with a coherent expression. With the help of the materials and fabrics in Kinnarps Colour Studio, environments with different character styles are created.

2 seater high back

2 seater low back

Working cove with tabletop, height 740 mm

Working cove with tabletop, height 900 mm

Working cove with tabletop, height 1,050 mm

Storage cove with 3 shelves, height 1,050/673/296 mm

Storage cove with 2 shelves, height 900/740 mm

Storage cove with 2 shelves, height 1,050/296 mm

Storage cove with clothes rack, length 1,195 mm


With these practical accessories, you can supplement Fields to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

Hanging flower pots

Flower pot in grey clay to hang over screen. Has room for three flower pots in a row. Black, white or silver holders.

Hanging flower pots

Flower pot in grey clay to hang over screen. Available with short or long hanging hook. Black, white or silver holders.

Hooks, s hook and o hook

Hook to hang over screen or sofa back. Available in two versions, s hook and o hook, in black, white or silver. The o hook makes an excellent magazine holder.


Noticeboard for screen or sofa back. Secured with hooks and can be moved if needed. Also has tray for pens. White board and black, white or silver hooks.

Monitor bracket

Practical fastener for hanging monitor or TV screen. To be hung over screen with sturdy fasteners (maximum load is 10 kg).

Spot socket

With the spot socket, you have a power supply within easy reach for charging your laptop or mobile. To be placed in the base of seating furniture or in tabletops.

Pop-up socket

Open the pop-up by pressing on it gently to give access to a power socket and network port. Then just push it down again when it is not in use, and you have a clear and tidy surface.


This powerbox has a socket for power, a network connection and a USB port close to hand. It also has a practical cable trap.

Cable port

Rectangular cutout for cable port in tabletop. Prevents cables and plugs getting in the way. Black, white or silver grey lipping.

Cable port

Cable port fitted to circular cutouts in tabletops. Available in plastic (black, white or grey) or metal.

Mobile phone charger

Wireless charging unit which charges your mobile phone conveniently when you put it on the unit.

Cabling package

Roomy black mesh cable net, screwed in place underneath tabletop. Holds cables and plugs in place so that they do not hang down onto the floor and get in the way.

Swedish-made sustainability

Fields focuses on both quality and sustainability. We are responsible for and in control of the whole manufacturing chain, from raw material procurement and production, to transportation and packaging reuse.

Read more about our sustainability work

Better effect

Flexible use

The concept of sustainability permeates the flexible use of the range, since it has been produced to suit everyone – with a focus on well-being, individualisation and freedom of choice.

With the focus on quality

In our accredited test laboratory, we make sure that the various modules meet international quality standards. The range also fulfils requirements for separability, which enables recycling. The fabrics used are without flame retardants and parts of the range are also FCS labelled.