Collaboration pays off


Talk more with each other! There is no surer way to quickly achieve success and profitability, as shown by a unique survey from Google.

In total, 273 American companies of varying sizes from different industries were looked at and interviewed in detail. The findings were indisputable: If they could create a culture built more on collaboration and unity, 73% were convinced that they would be more successful and this would lead to the company attracting and retaining cutting-edge expertise. When the companies were asked about what is required to create such an organisation, a well-developed IT department was absolutely crucial. New technology enables staff to be online and in touch with each other all the time and take part for instance in video conferences. It does not really matter where people are actually based as they can still stay in touch. With that said, the survey did find that face-to-face meetings were still the best option but this is not always possible in a world that is becoming more and more stressful.

Of the companies believing that they had a creative working environment, an entire 88% stated that collaboration was the crucial reason behind staff liking and being happy at work. It is particularly healthy if staff collaborate whatever their age, gender and experience. Diversity is the future, an issue we have earlier focused on in Kinnarps' major Trend Report. If you don't have a copy then you can order it here!