Creativity using art


One of the hottest workplace trends at the moment is art exhibitions at work. Not only because they are beautiful and pleasant but also as they encourage creativity.

Be honest. Most days at work are much the same, right? You fill in roughly the same forms and you have solved the problems that arise many times over. You know how things work. But in the long run this is bordering on disastrous for your brain. To continue developing and not turn off, our brains have to be challenged and exposed to new experiences. In addition to training, researchers highlight art and culture as an effective way to keep brain cells in shape. An issue which more and more workplaces have discovered and understood the importance of. And we are, of course, not talking about old oil paintings of board members hung in the reception but living, modern art that challenges the senses.

We found one of the more exciting instances at the successful English advertising agency Fold7 in London. A company that works for instance with Carlsberg, British Airways, Disney and Nike.

The amazing installation with Mary Poppin-like sculptures in the reception is created by the Czech artist Michal Trpák, and is one of the long-term investments in travelling exhibitions made by Fold7 to set up a creative working climate.

It is impossible to not look up at the ceiling. The mind boggles which is what it is all about.