French mobile phone ban


What must be done to get work colleagues to listen and be more attentive in meetings? Take a leaf from French president François Hollande's book - ban mobile phones!

You are at a crucial stage in an important discussion when all of a sudden one of your colleagues' phone rings. Without even thinking they answer it straightaway.
Do you recognise this situation?
Even though you get annoyed and the whole meeting comes to a stop while waiting for the conversation to finish, rarely does anyone around the conference table react or admonish them for it. We all know of course that the next mobile phone that rings may be our very own. Or what about all those times when you yourself, somewhat distracted, spent a meeting answering the day's emails, and afterwards had not a clue about what was really said or decided. But what is worse is that our mobile phones are now a source of distraction, not only for ourselves but also everyone around us. One person who has, once and for all, had enough is the French president François Hollande by banning his members of government from bringing their mobile phones into government meetings. They have to leave them outside the room.
"The president has made this decision so that people can focus entirely on what is being said at meetings," says government's spokesperson Stéphane Le Foll.