Go your own way


How can you attract young, gifted employees in the future? Previously it was enough to have a good salary, a nice company car and great benefits. However generation Z, those born in the '90s, have completely different demands and expectations of life - and work!

Look at this unique job survey (Way to Work) from Adecco Staffing in the USA. Here are five facts about generation Z which all companies ought to know.

  1. 83% think that 3 years in a job is about right - then it is time to move on. A gold watch is of no interest to generation Z.
  2. 36% consider development and a job with career potential far more important than a hefty salary
  3. 32% want to reach their dream job within ten years of getting onto the job market. They are willing to try things out to move forwards.
  4. 19% think that a permanent position is important. However the rest are less concerned about security and a steady income.
  5. 6% say that salary is a decisive factor when taking a job. The other 94% prioritise other things. High up on the list comes a company with a strong brand and a clear sustainability and environmental profile.

We at Kinnarps have noticed before that there are differences between the generations, for example in our annual Trend Report. Read more at www.kinnarps.com/trend