Greenest in Europe


How are the capitals of Europe managing in terms of the environment? Here is the list they all want to be included in!

Copenhagen is the most environmentally friendly in Europe! This conclusion had been made by the renowned magazine Fast Company. In a major survey all the capital cities in Europe were compared with each other and everything from urban planning to infrastructure and sustainable development was studied. It may not be that surprising that Copenhagen took home first place considering the fact that 40 per cent of the city is made up of green areas, there are over 800 kilometres of cycle lanes available, and it is the only major city in the world that complies with the World Health Organisation's recommendations for clean air. So what other cities consider the environment? Here are the top ten in Europe: 1. Copenhagen 2. Amsterdam 3. Vienna 4. Barcelona 5. Paris 6. Stockholm 7. London 8. Hamburg 9. Berlin 10. Helsinki