Kick start your morning


The first 10 minutes at work are the most important. Make the most of them and they will power the whole day. Kinnarps shares a tip about 7 smart morning rituals everyone can learn.

1. Reflect: Take a look at yourself. What have you done over the past few days? Have you achieved your goals? How far have you got with your projects?

2. The list: Go through and update your to-do list. And don't forget to prioritise the important items.

3. Say hello! Take a minute to ask how your colleagues are doing and what they are working on. Kindness is infectious!

4. Email strategy: It is easy to prioritise your inbox and feel like you are working hard and being effective. But ask yourself what really needs a reply, and what, actually, can go straight into the wastepaper basket...

5. Avoid distractions: Be focused! Make up your mind to complete your tasks and avoid low-priority meetings, coffee station gossip and status updates on Facebook. 

6. Your desk: Ensure you have an organised desk: this is a must for a successful day.

7. Be grateful! Lean back for a few minutes and focus on something that you are grateful for, privately or at work. It is good to remind yourself sometimes and have some perspective about what is important in life.