Stand up and get in shape


Want to get into better physical shape? Then invest in a height-adjustable desk at work. It can really make a world of difference.

You've probably heard how sitting down all day can affect your metabolism. But do you know how much? The fact is that sitting still with your legs crossed burns as little as half a dozen calories an hour. On the other hand, a height-adjustable desk can double up as a fitness machine at work. If you spend half your day at work standing up over a period of a year, you'll burn 30,000 calories, which corresponds roughly to running eight marathons, without breaking into a sweat.
So wouldn't it be better to stand all the time, then? No – as is the case with everything in life, balance is important. Certain tasks are simply easier to carry out sitting down, and standing up all day every day puts a strain on your muscles. Here you can read more about our desk models, all of which are designed to offer the best possible ergonomics.