What will the flexible offices of tomorrow look like? Kinnarps is currently launching a range of exciting new products. Our work has been inspired by everything from the bees' honeycombs to the very latest technology innovations. This is furniture that is leading the way to the future!

Who is the smartest designer?

Nature of course! This is also where Kinnarps got the inspiration for Trixagon, one of the year's most exciting new products. The range contains tables, stools and storage units, based on the hexagonal (six-sided) shape that can be found in everything from bees' honeycombs to snowflakes and tortoise shells. In the same way that bees construct their honeycombs, the furniture in the Trixagon range can be put together in larger or smaller groups, all according to your needs.
" Trixagon is all about making learning, communication and teaching easier with a focus on development and dialogue," says the designer Anne Reinholdt.

It is not just the shape of the furniture in the Trixagon range that can be combined but the colours can also be mixed to give a vibrant total solution. The tables and the storage furniture are available in birch, beech or oak laminate and in white and light grey coloured finishes. Silver grey and white metal legs are available for all of the furniture in the range.

The offices of the future of course require the chairs of the future. The designer Daniel Figueroa has created Esencia from Drabert to meet the high demands for stable and ergonomic task chairs. Workstations are becoming more and more activity based and are to be used by many different people during a working week. For this reason, Esencia is easy to customise for each individual user using easy and logical levers. And it also takes the office chair to new aesthetical heights, both functionally and stylishly.
"Esencia has loads of soul and personality," says Daniel Figueroa.

The workplace of the future is however not only well designed but is also ergonomic, user-friendly and a zone where RSI is prevented by using good design.

Looking at Kinnarps' new products the keyword is flexibility. The furniture needs to be easy to use and versatile, which will be demanded in the future when we share office spaces with each other. The Multicom table range, like Trixagon, is rooted in the quick changes currently being made to our workplaces. One can either work alone or generate value as a team around a large Multicom table. The range suits all types of meeting and working methods, whether they are activity based or based on fixed individual workstations. The tables also come with a range of smart features and are adapted for today's technology with stylish and modern multimedia solutions. Network and power outlets are a given as well as the option of adding integrated LED lighting. Despite the advanced technology, Multicom is very easy to assemble, and no tools are needed as this can be done by hand.

Modern design is a watchword for Kinnarps. The Series[e] range is a clear example. It is a range of furniture that is much more than just a storage unit. It can also be used as a seat, a sound absorbent or why not as a room divider! The possibilities are endless. Another smart piece of furniture is the desk in the Series[f] city range. Its smart design means that most technical features such as the leg motor, sockets and outlets are integrated into the tabletop. This is a dream for those looking for easy to clean surfaces.

The Scandinavian legacy is often present in Kinnarps' products. Series[P] is a desk that combines both clean and straight lines and clear functionality. It offers a classic design and the tabletops are of course height adjustable to fit in any modern working environment.

With his persistent challenging and interesting approach to design, Volker W Eysing has established himself as one of the most exciting designers of our time. On behalf of Martin Stoll, he has in the Senor  range of furniture, consisting of desks, sideboards and storage furniture, used an entirely unique interplay of lines.
"When I get an idea I usually quickly jot it down on a piece of paper. If the idea stays in my mind, I know that it is worthwhile to continue working on."

Senor is both beautiful and revolutionary and makes exciting use of materials where warm wood meets powder-coated surfaces.

The future is already here!