The best balance


To sit or stand at work? The answer is: both – according to a new Swiss study.

In recent times, research reports on the health risks of sitting for long periods have come thick and fast – but what about standing all day long?

Health Sciences and Technology in Zürich, a world leader in ergonomic issues connected with the workplace, decided to look into this in greater detail, and the result is thought-provoking.

"We asked our research group to sit down and take short breaks every hour, with a 30-minute break for lunch. But we could see very soon that this wasn't enough. The participants had problems with muscle fatigue and cramp, which in the long term would certainly lead to back problems and other complaints," says lead researcher Maria Gabriela Garcia.

Undeniably interesting, when you consider that half the world's able-bodied population spend over 75 per cent of their working day standing.

So, as with most things in life, it's important to strike a balance, and that's why height-adjustable desks are the best solution for varying working posture flexibly and easily and creating better ergonomics.

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