The power of the environment


Interior design not only impacts your posture, it also controls your thoughts and the way you act much more than you can imagine.

Good ergonomics can be crucial to how well we manage at work.  Our body language reveals not only how we feel but can also shape our thoughts according to an exciting new study from the University of Berkeley. This is why interiors and the surrounding environment are extremely important.  If for instance you sit and crouch over your computer many days in a row , you will be affected more easily and become more moody than if you work in a more upright position with your shoulders back and head held high in the so-called "power position".  This position makes it easier for you to breathe and will give you more energy. So that is one excellent reason to invest in furniture with good ergonomic features! The research study also shows that having ceilings that are 3.5 metres high instead of 2.5 metres increases creativity in the workplace and that if we sit in an open office landscape and are interrupted in the middle of an assignment, it takes us 27 minutes to focus again.
A "power position" frees the mind and makes it easier to think creatively and freely. You become more at ease with your thoughts. It has also been shown that it is a position that makes us take more risks, if that is now a good or bad thing.