Training for fitness


Your body needs more than ergonomic furniture for better well-being. Physiotherapist and fitness enthusiast Angelica Bauer has her finger on the pulse of the everyday exercise that makes a difference.

The small changes we make in our everyday lives make a big difference, says Bauer. Such as introducing new routines in our lives which, thanks to continuity and planning, make an active choice for better health. Effective as in ”big effect, little effort”, but also cost-effective in terms of time. Because everyday exercise is, and should be, simple – both to do and to find time for.

"Cycle to work, get off the bus one stop sooner or take a quick walk in your lunch break. Swap your coffee break for a breath of fresh air, and use the stairs instead of the lift. If you have a sedentary job, stand up at regular intervals." If you want to clear your head during your lunch break, Bauer recommends interval or circle training.

"It's short and intensive but nevertheless gives you good all-round exercise. Interval training kick-starts the body and gives quick results, as long as you really tire yourself out. If you're a beginner, start gently but never be afraid to challenge yourself. That's the way to become stronger, have better endurance and get visible results. The other benefits of a more active everyday life will be tangible much sooner."