When there isn't enough time


How do you make a career at the same time as being a perfect parent, partner and best friend, and being expected to manage 50 sit-ups in the gym?

When advertiser Nigel Marsh turned 40, he started to wonder about these questions that occupy most of us from time to time. He realised that he worked too many hours, drank too much, had lost most of his friends and neglected his family. Certainly, his work was going splendidly – among his customers were companies like Virgin, McDonalds and Pepsi, and he was also the initiator of Earth Hour – but the jigsaw puzzle of his life wasn't coming together at all.

Nigel resigned, and spent a whole year devoting himself to his family and finding a new balance in his life. This period saw the emergence of a number of insights which he later formulated in the best-selling book Fat, Forty and Fired.

Watch his equally humorous and thought-provoking talk on Ted Talks here.

It dates from 2010, but is just as relevant now as it was then.