Gentle curves!


Gentle curves!

During the year, Kinnarps has welcomed two new members to its chair family. Two newcomers with a focus on bold design and good ergonomics. The first out is Embrace, an entirely new type of chair, which can be used to collect one's thoughts, get ready to tackle your next challenge or just relax. Embrace is no classical task chair or even a standard visitor chair but something in between. Embrace is simply a very versatile chair that is well suited to today's working life.

Embrace's sibling, the curvaceous and classical beauty Monroe, appeared on the scene with new designs and options during the autumn. Monroe offers you substantial opportunities for personal expression. With different underframe variations, with or without armrests, and with Kinnarps' wide range of unique fabric options, it is possible to adapt Monroe entirely according to inclination and taste. Monroe is designed for different types of meetings. For conversations, visits or shorter periods of individual work.

Monroe's diversity is a feature it has in common with Embrace. Both newcomers can as a result be used in many different environments - in temporary workplaces, in cafés, in lounges, in classrooms and in meeting rooms.  Their diversity also makes them useful in activity-based working environments. 

How you use Embrace and Monroe is limited only by your own imagination.