Better design improves the company’s productivity


Well-thought-out design in work environments results in increased productivity, efficiency and improved employee health. A report presented by Kinnarps focuses on this crucial factor for motivating employees in the future.

Kinnarps, Europe’s leading interior design group has, in conjunction with Kairos Future, examined several topics that will have a significant impact on tomorrow’s work environments. One of them is the actual design of the environment in which we work. Studies conducted at Kinnarps in several countries, including Sweden, Great Britain and Germany, show that one must definitely not underestimate design when planning the work environments of the future. 

“There’s nothing new about the idea of the importance of the work environment. However, it is slightly surprising that it can have as tangible an impact on productivity and well-being as that revealed by our report. This strengthens our conviction that by far the best approach is to customise work environments to take full account of individual needs,” says Elisabeth Slunge, Kinnarps’s Dirctor of Brand, Range and Design.

The report also concludes that a well-designed work environment has a significant impact on how we feel and how attractive an employer is to potential employees, as well as on our ability to think clearly and concentrate.

“As a company with a history of innovative ideas and workplace expertise that allows us to anticipate future developments, we are a driving force in the development of work environments. We look at design from a holistic perspective and not simply focused on how we might envisage a modern designer office chair. Design has a greater meaning than that for us at Kinnarps – it’s a matter of creating sustainable solutions and contributing to people’s well-being, irrespective of whether we are dealing with work or other environments,” says Paulina Lundström, Marketing and Communications Director at Kinnarps.

Kinnarps’s Trend Report will be issued in its entirety in March and covers eight different shifts that will affect the office environments of the future. Read more and order the report at

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