Prim – a new sustainable screen with excellent sound absorption



One drawback of today's open-plan office environments is the level of noise. Many people prefer a quieter environment to allow them to concentrate and focus. Kinnarps has recognised this problem by launching an elegant and sustainable range of screens known as Prim, designed by Christian Halleröd.


You may think that Prim is just an ordinary range of screens. Elegant, certainly, with excellent sound absorption and a smart flexibility which means that it can easily be converted from a desktop screen to a ceiling or floor screen in just a few simple manoeuvres. But that's not what makes the screen unique. In this case, it is Christian Halleröd's minimalistic design and the recycled padding that makes the screen stand out from the crowd.

Christian Halleröd is well known for bringing aesthetics to the fore. And that's what he's done with Prim. Christian has chosen a minimalistic design which highlights the screens' unique padding in a very contemporary way. Rather than hiding the underlying material by means of a frame, Christian makes the heart of the product visible at the edges of the screen. Simplicity and transparency are the keywords.

But what is it that makes the padding so interesting? Well, it's the fact that Kinnarps uses re:fill, a unique material that comprises of a mixture of Kinnarps' own waste materials, polyester and PET. In other words, Kinnarps' waste has become a smart resource, a sustainable material that can be used again and again. Re:fill is a 100% recyclable material, and, what's more, all the constituent parts of the screen can be separated individually using the cradle-to-cradle methodology. All in all, this means that this screen has significantly less impact on the environment than many other screens on the market.

Prim will be launched in several variants during 2013. The screens will be sold upholstered in Kinnarps' wool fabric Blazer.

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