Innovative architecture


When the construction budget is tight, you have to rely on your imagination. Perhaps this is a vision of how the future workplace may look?

Normally, we think of office buildings as square boxes, either on one level or high rise. To be honest, fairly uninteresting architecturally. But, when he was commissioned to design new office premises for an advertising agency in the small town of Hechingen in Germany, British architect James Whitaker was keen to change this image. The problem was, however, that the budget was extremely limited. The solution was as surprising as it was ingenious: shipping containers stacked one on top of the other.

"The inspiration for the design came from the way crystal growths in a laboratory are all linked together. Then I saw a 19th century castle nearby and its steep walls appealed to me, and I thought, if I combined these images, it would make for some interesting architecture."

Unfortunately for Whitaker, the advertising agency closed down just as the project was about to get under way. But the images, which are renderings, have been seen the world over and Whitaker now hopes that he's found a buyer for his innovative container solution, which is both environmentally friendly and affordable.