Luca's feeling for light


There are few with such an eye for design as the Italian master designer Luca Nichetto. His new lamp range, Alphabeta, is both beautiful and surprising, as well as being a challenge for all maths geniuses and jigsaw makers...

– In antique Greece and Egypt people had a very special relationship with the alphabet. When writing, they added their own little squiggle to every letter, like small personal artworks. This gave me the inspiration to design a range of lamps, all of which give a unique expression depending on how they are put together," says Luca.

According to the distributor, the 24 lampshades in the Alphabeta range can be combined in 10 billion different say goodbye to interior design conformism! Now you can have the exact colour, shape and combination you want in your lighting.

Alphabeta was designed for Hem, a new Scandinavian furniture brand with distribution in more than 50 countries.   The collaboration with Luca can be naturally explained by him setting up studios already in 2003 both in Stockholm and Venice.

"I met a Swedish girl and love brought me to Sweden. Workwise it has been great to be based in two markets. When people talk about design in Italy, there is a lot of emotion involved, while in Sweden there is more focus on functionality and engineering. For me this is the perfect match."

This is something Kinnarps has also taken note of. In recent years, we have collaborated very successfully with Luca, and recently it was revealed that he will design Kinnarps' stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. You can read more about this in News & Stories soon.