Kinnarps launches the sound absorber, Oktav, designed by Christian Halleröd


Kinnarps launches the sound absorber, Oktav, designed by Christian Halleröd

Approximately 57 per cent of those who work in open office landscapes feel that the noise level is disturbing. This is the outcome of a HRF (Swedish Association of Hard of Hearing People) survey from 2009, in which over 500 members of Unionen, the Swedish Teachers’ Union, the Swedish Teachers' Federation and the Swedish Union of Journalists participated. Kinnarps has tackled the challenge with the design and production of a sound absorber Oktav, in collaboration with designer Christian Halleröd.

Different types of office workspaces have become increasingly common, not only to save space, but also to stimulate creative exchanges and flexible cooperation. But open-plan offices are often bare and echoing, which causes sound to bounce off walls. This is a problem which minimised by effective sound absorbers. With consideration for both the working environment and the wider ecological environment, the Oktav sound absorbers are made of Kinnarps re:fill.

- "Sound greatly affects our ability to perform. Disturbing noise does not just mean stress, headaches and difficulty to concentrate, but can also lead to problems such as shoulder and neck pain. When I designed Oktav, I wanted to create an attractive, environmentally friendly product which creates harmony in the workplace", says Christian Halleröd, the designer of Oktav. "Oktav can be arranged in interesting patterns and colours in offices to create a dynamic interior", says Christian. The sound absorber Oktav is available in a variety of harmonious colours using the quality fabrics Delta, Blazer and Mistika, and the material used has a low environmental impact. The boards are light and easily mounted on walls. The Oktav product is certified according to ISO 11654 and complies with class A sound absorption.

The sound absorption area is measured using Sabine's equation, which makes it possible to define the reverberation time and the relationship with the size of the room. - "This allows us to accurately define how many Oktav absorbers are needed in a room or in a premises", says Tobias Hendén, Product Manager at Kinnarps AB.

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