How does a chair or table affect how you feel?


Now that school has begun again and most of us are back from holiday we can look back and reflect on the summer that passed. We especially remember that week in July when we were on the island of Gotland and participated at Almedalsveckan (Sweden’s biggest political gathering, where anyone who wishes to debate and influence social issues has an opportunity to participate).

There we had the opportunity to raise a very important subject, namely the lack of pure materials in the furniture we surround ourselves with in our schools and workplaces. And the fact that each day millions of people go to offices and schools without considering that their workplaces are furnished with unhealthy furniture. Where chairs, sofas and tables emits poisonous chemicals, filling the air with allergens, hormone-disrupting and potentially carcinogenic substances. 

To put focus on this issue we served snacks baked with ground birch wood during the Stora Hållbarhetskvällen (Great Sustainability Evening). The snacks contained the same the same type of FSC®-labelled wood used in our prizewinning Embrace chair. In other words those who visited Aktuell Hållbarhet Arena got to taste a good piece of furniture. The evening also contained a lot of interesting discussions and reasoning and we are thankful that so many of you that were there listened to our message and contributed with your thoughts and ideas.

We will continue to highlight this important topic. For us it is important to jointly take responsibility and make the right decisions so that the next generation will live in an environment free of toxins. Where we can feel safe that the environment we live, work and learn in is characterized by a prosperous and sustainable mind-set.

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