What we eat clearly affects our health, our mood and our stamina. There’s great awareness today about the importance of organic food but rather less knowledge about the chemicals that we get from furniture.

The fact is that the furniture in schools and workplaces gives off many dangerous chemicals which are absorbed by the skin and gather in the dust that we breathe in. Scientists have found links between some of these dangerous chemicals and conditions such as obesity, hormone-related cancer and difficulty in conceiving children.

To raise the issue of pure materials in furniture, we are promising some of Sweden’s leading decision-makers and eco-warriors a surprise during the Stora Hållbarhetskvällen (Great Sustainability Evening) in Almedalen. The surprise contains the same type of FSC®-labelled wood that is used in our brilliant and prizewinning chair Embrace.

In addition to our own sustainability work, we aim to increase awareness about dangerous chemicals in furniture as well as motivate more people to choose furniture that consists of pure materials. We see it as a good beginning that all decision-makers can make a start straightaway by not buying furniture that contains toxic fire retardants, endocrine-disrupting materials and hazardous solvents as well as insisting that the chemicals they contain are clearly labelled.