Minister eats a chair-flavoured canapé


During the Stora Hållbarhetskvällen (Great Sustainability Evening) in the Aktuell Hållbarhet Arena in Almedalen yesterday evening, we had the opportunity to offer Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog, as well as 700 other guests, canapés flavoured with ground birch-wood.

The canapés were certainly appreciated, but the guests particularly enjoyed the discussions that took place during the evening. We had many good conversations about how important it is to work with what cannot be seen – the poisons that we surround ourselves with in our everyday lives.

“I believe that most people are aware that we are affected by what we eat, but not so many people reflect on the fact that we are also affected by the dust produced by furniture. The canapés, flavoured with ground birch-wood from our prizewinning chair, Embrace, proved to be an interesting icebreaker and a real conversation starter. Many people agreed with us that more rigorous legislation is needed in the chemicals domain and that the requirement for sustainability should be prioritised in our public procurements. Our hope is that politicians will now act on this important question”, says Tomas Ekström, Head of Sustainability at Kinnarps.