18 minutes which save time


We all know what it's like - meetings take time. Best case, they are fantastic. Worst case, they are a waste of valuable time and energy. But there is another way! Kinnarps checks out the latest meeting trend - "Speed-meetings".

They are short and efficient, and, just like Ted Talks, must last no longer than 18 minutes. In fact, studies show that we do not have the energy to maintain full concentration for any longer.

Speed-meetings are held once a week at an arranged time for all employees. The secret is the simple structure; instead of long agendas to plough through, everyone is told about the most important goings-on in the company, strategies and priorities, and it ends with an open question and answer session. It's a smart way of building participation, commitment and transparency. The result is an inclusive workplace culture. Because, is there anything worse than being in a job where you don't totally know what's going on? It can easily create fear and lead to rumours being spread unnecessarily.

Of course, speed-meetings cannot replace all meetings, but they are an effective way, in only 18 minutes, of checking off and informing one another about things which otherwise take many valuable hours away from employees. Try it yourself, just choose a date and get going!