250-meter long officedesk!


The most creative office in the world? Staff in the Pixiv artists collective in Tokyo sit around a 250-metre long winding desk…

What do you do with a large, narrow and rather hopeless office space if you want to make room for many people but don’t want to stick them in a conventional office environment? The architect firm Teamlab were asked this question when requested to design a new office in Tokyo for the Pixiv artists collective. An open plan office was the solution but one that was very special. Check out the photos! All Pixiv employees sit around a 250-metre long desk which winds its way like a snake through the office. As the desk is joined at all ends, Teamlab designed underpasses that let people walk under it. And as is the case in any modern workplace hot desking is what matters. If you want to be alone and work undisturbed there are “cut outs” in the desk which you have to climb into. Another fun feature is the drawing walls Teamlab has fitted – the walls in the hall are covered with small removable wooden boards that are meant for drawing on.
Perhaps not to everybody’s liking but the artists in Tokyo are extremely happy!