A cool bunker


One of the most unusual offices in Stockholm has been developed in an old protective bunker dating back to the Cold War era. It has no windows and is entirely underground, yet is still full of activity and creativity.

If working like a baddie from a Bond movie tickles your fancy then let yourself be inspired by this rather unusual office, located 30 metres underground in an anti-atomic bunker. This old protective bunker from the Cold War era, which according to reports can withstand a direct hit from a nuclear weapon, can be found under the Vita Bergen Park in the centre of Stockholm. This era is gladly behind us now and today the shelter is home to the internet provider Bahnhof, which has its office and server halls there. It may be rather unsettling to have to work all day underground, but the fact of the matter is that Albert France-Lanord Architects has designed an extremely exciting environment with lighting and plant walls that breathe creativity.