Exercise makes you smarter


The best ideas do not come when in front of the computer - they come when we are out walking... A research team at the University of Illinois has now scientifically proven something we have long suspected - yes, well, exercise makes you smarter.

Taken to its logical conclusion - if we want to keep our brains young, it is better to go to the gym than to solve crosswords. So this is how it adds up: From your twenties onwards the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain which takes care of memory among other things, shrinks by one percent each year. Exercise can partly halt this process. For example, a study of a group of 65 year olds who took daily walks showed that their hippocampi actually grew instead of shrinking. It can also be shown that people who regularly exercise can in fact create new brain cells, which was previously not thought possible.

We at Kinnarps are getting our trainers on straight away. Are you coming?