Find your inner passion


Be more effective at work - and when you are off work. This is what you have to think of!

Do you usually look up at the stars on New Year's Eve and promise yourself that this year you will get in shape, write a bestseller, be more effective at work while at the same time spending more time with your family? But life returns to normal and all your plans fall apart and crumble. Do you recognise this situation? So what do you have to think about to keep your inner passion alive, to have the energy to make the changes required?
The motivation expert and psychologist Steve Levinson has written the book Following through: A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start. He claims that the most important thing to understand is what drives us. Is it money? Titles? Well-being? Only when we are honest with ourselves can we then make any real changes. But to get there we have to put in place a day-to-day structure that works. Relying on pure will power is not enough. Plan new activities and make deadlines: This is the most effective way to see that you are on the right track.