Meeting for millions


Companies and organisations are constantly working to become more efficient and increase production – so why is it the case that people rarely question bad meetings?

A sloppily-written agenda, poor lighting, rock-hard seats, and stragglers knocking on the door five minutes into the meeting. Sounds familiar? A staggering SEK 170 billion, corresponding to 4 percent of the GNP, is the annual cost of meetings held by Swedish white-collar employees. This means that a company with 100 employees spends almost SEK 30 million annually on meetings, not including preparation and travel costs. But research shows that half of all meetings are of poor quality and a waste of time.
So don't cut corners when preparing for meetings, be well-informed and committed – and invest in inspiring meeting environments. Companies with a good meeting culture have fewer problems with stress, more satisfied employees and even fewer internal emails. Here at Kinnarps, our starting point is a philosophy called Next Office-ABW, which is a holistic perspective on the workplace that includes everything from interior design solutions to sound, light and colour. Read more here!