Pedalling trend


It is both practical and environmentally friendly - more and more people are cycling to work. Here is the first bicycle that has been specially designed for commuters!

You see him every day in traffic. A man on a racer bike pedalling like crazy in and out of the lanes. This is an entirely new type of commuter that has been got its own nickname: ”Memil” (middle-aged men in Lycra).
But cycling is of course not only for men. "Special "motorcycle roads" are being built around Copenhagen and Amsterdam for speedy pedalling commuters. This trend can be seen all over Europe, and more people appreciate the daily exercise as well as the fact that cycling is a much more eco-friendly option compared to taking the car. Packing a computer and important papers into a rucksack and then cycling to work has become more of an obvious choice.
And the first ever bicycle specially designed for commuters is now available. The bicycle is the brainchild of the Canadian company Vanhawks Valour. It is fitted with GPS and the latest Bluetooth technology, but also with sensors that automatically warn of dangers and other problems in traffic. If for instance a car approaches quickly in the "blind spot", the handlebars begin to automatically vibrate. The bicycle also regularly collects data relating to your route and registers uneven road surfaces, which is used by an app (available for both iOS and Android) that all cyclists can benefit from. Cyclists are of course connected to same network to communicate with each other making any stolen bikes easier to find- A dynamo produces power while you pedal which is used to charge the bicycle's electronics. Jump up on the saddle but don't forget to take care!