Play at work!


It is no secret that strict and conventional office environments are not exactly conducive for creativity. Research now available from Lund University in Sweden also proves this point – and suggests having pink cotton floss in the conference room.

Google has set the global agenda on modern office design with its new headquarters, Googleplex, which houses everything from bowling alleys to a yoga centre, a sculpture park and massage facilities. You name it! Samuel West, a researcher at Lund University, has looked at how playfulness at work impacts on creativity. Or to put it plainly, those who laugh and have fun find it easier to be creative. But how do we interpret this in work terms?
 West’s research tested replacing bottled water in the conference room with candy floss and allow test persons to shoot at each other with toy guns. Nonsense? Sure! But the odd thing is that levels of effectiveness increased. The simple truth is if you can have fun together you can also work. But toy guns might not be the best option for all workplaces…