Play house


Room for playing and creativity. This sounds perhaps like the perfect office in some expansive industry. But in this case it is actually a pre-school.

Playful kids often turn out to be creative adults. This is according to Eva Hoff, a senior lecturer in psychology at Lund University in Sweden. Perhaps this is what the Stockholm-based Rotstein Arkitekter honed in on when they designed the Sjötorget pre-school, a contemporary and colourful pre-school where play areas were included right from the first blueprints. In newly erected residential areas, sites for pre-schools are often not taken into account, which is why they are often set up in the bottom floor in a housing complex which just as well could be used as a supermarket. But, in this case, the building was modified early on in the planning stage to include a pre-school and the bottom floor became a coloured-coded play palace with stairs, tree houses and caves for the children.