Scouting for talent


In a time when fifty per cent of a company's expenditure consists of personnel costs it is vital that its best staff is retained. Company strategy expert Andrew Benett offers advice on how to do this.

Recruiting and employing new staff takes time and resources. Andrew Benett, the author behind The Talent Mandate: Why Smart Companies Put People First, offers his best advice on how companies can retain their best employees instead of watching them leave. Benett is a strong believer in mixing different age groups and levels of knowledge to create the most dynamic workplace. It is also important to keep track of results and not hours and that the decision-making process is shared.  According to Benett, withholding information and bases for decisions is stupid as it prevents employees from making their own views and solutions known. The CEO's office does not have a monopoly on wisdom. And most important of all, recruit with the future in mind not the past!