Smart interior design - smart employees


20 per cent of all office workers in the western world have been, at some point, afflicted by stress-related injuries caused by bad ergonomics. But just a little investment in the office environment can work wonders when it comes to health and efficiency.

How often do you sit a whole day hunched over your computer, with possibly a break for a quick lunch and several short sprints to the coffee machine! You recognise this, don't you? This sedentary life with its often monotonous routines has a price. Headaches, aching joints, repetitive strain injury... not to mention what happens to joy at work and productivity. Research has shown that bad furniture not only affects us purely physically but also brings down our mood and energy, and even makes us lazy, comfortable and less creative. Which should be reason enough for every company to prioritise interior design, for there is nothing more expensive than sick and distracted employees.

Therefore, we at Kinnarps have developed an activity based koncept which is called Next Office. It is a profound project of change which takes into consideration everything, from the organisation and the environment, to the specific needs of all the employees. It is only after doing a thorough analysis that you come up with a holistic solution. Get in touch and we'll tell you more!