Smart waste


Everybody's talking about wearables! One of the most exciting innovations during London Design Week was a wristband that monitors your impact on the environment. And, of course, it's made from recycled electronics.

The wristband, which goes under the name of WorldBeing, collects and collates data about how you live your life. How you travel, what you buy, what you eat and how much energy you consume in your home. From this, it calculates your carbon footprint. And all wristband wearers are interconnected, so they can compare their consumption with each other. And there's another smart feature too: once the wristband has been fully developed, it will be able to recognise the wearer's heartbeat and use it as a unique signature for contactless payments.

"The idea of this wristband came to me when I heard that more than 50 million tons of electronics are thrown away every year," says designer Benjamin Hubert.