Talk about a smart phone!


Are you tired of being under pressure to get a new mobile phone every other year in order to keep up with the latest developments? Well, at the end of this year, Google will be launching its much talked about mobile phone called Ara, which is expected to revolutionise the market.

The technology is based on interchangeable modules held together by magnets, rather like the replaceable lens on a camera. This translates into a significantly longer operating life but also offers a series of new innovative options. In a statement, Google says that it is looking to invite external developers to “create a phone with cutting-edge features”. In the initial phase, a cooperative agreement has been signed with the San Francisco-based design studio Lapka, which has developed seven modules focussing on health and the environment. Google’s new phone will let you measure everything from the carbon dioxide content of the air to the temperature and air humidity, as well as checking your blood and urine and finding out how various medicines affect your body.

And in case you were wondering, you can also use it as a phone!