The expert's choice!


Stefan Nilsson is one of Sweden's most highly respected trend experts. So it was only natural that we should consult him to get the lowdown on the biggest trends at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. Here is Stefan's report!

1. Rugs! All the classic design companies will now be adding a rug to their collection. A room isn't complete without a rug, and if you're worried about the rug getting dirty on the floor, you can hang it on the wall.

2. Dark colours like green, blue and burgundy are making an appearance in parallel with this year's colour: my hated pink. Intense dark green and denim blue shades bring colour to walls and go well with furniture in lighter woods, while burgundy features in cushions, for example, a detail which is also very popular this year.

3. We are opening up our offices again. The enclosed easy chairs with high backs and hoods, which ten years ago we thought were so cool, are out. Nowadays we use our offices to meet and exchange ideas. We've already seen the minimalist workplace give way to a more messy and personal style, so you can really see who works there. This still holds true but now the workplace will have small, portable wooden boxes that people can store their things in.

4. Small tables will be taken for granted, both in the office and at home. Rather than large coffee tables, we'll see lots of small tables or a table base with several small tops which combine materials like marble, wood, granite and linoleum.

5. Lamps will continue to play a key role in interior design. There'll be more focus on the fitting than on the light itself – a lamp must look cool and impress, and should ideally be a talking point. One example from the fair was a lamp made of Ebola containment suits.