We switch off the lights!


At Kinnarps, we take pride in our environmental work and give support to initiatives that fights for the climate changes. Therefore Kinnarps will participate in Earth Hour, Saturday 29 March from 20.30 CET to 21.30 CET. During an hour we will switch off all lighting that is possible to switch off at our production plants and showrooms.

This is the sixth year that Kinnarps have decided to support Earth Hour; the world's biggest climate change event. The reason is that Kinnarps thinks that the environmental issues are important and that this initiative is in line with Kinnarps overall target to reduce the global warming.

 – Global warming is something that affects all of us; therefore it is important that we all work together for a change, both for the environment and for future generations. Our sustainability policy says, among other things, that we should act responsible and this is a way to show that we take responsibility, says Hanna Nilsson, Manager, Environmental Labelling, Kinnarps AB.

However, active responsibility means more than just show support for one hour. For Kinnarps the responsibility also means to raise the issue when developing new products and services - smart product development leads to a reduced material consumption. Kinnarps is also working to increase the percentage of recycled material in the products, as well as optimize the logistical concept. 

- We have a load factor of 91% in our trucks, but that does not mean that we can be even better. We try to challenge ourselves constantly by setting new, challenging environmental targets. Global warming is a threat to our planet, a threat we take seriously and try to work with from many different directions, says Hanna Nilsson.

Earth Hour lasts one hour, from 20.30 CET to 21.30 CET, Saturday March 29.