Brand new factories!


It is the same problem all over the world - when factories close and are shut down many buildings are left empty and unused. But in a thought economy they are revamped of course to cool office space!

The world's largest printing works was located in Guangzhou in southern China up to a few years ago. But with the demise of the printed newspaper everything changed and this transformation took place faster than anyone expected. The 80,000 square metres were empty and abandoned until very recently. But winds of change are blowing and when the traditional industrial economy has to be replaced the solution is creative and cultural industries. There will literally be a city soon full of offices, galleries, studios but also hotels and restaurants. The district has been named iD Town and the Chinese architects O-office are in charge of the work to rejuvenate the old factory again. All in all it is expected to take 20 years to fully complete the building.  One thing is sure and that is we are going to see many similar projects around the globe in the coming decades.