Collaborate more!


The surest way of achieving quick success? Collaborate more! Kinnarps has taken a look at an exciting survey from Deloitte in Australia. The result is thought-provoking.

Everyone knows that collaboration is good, but still most companies do not have a clear plan about how this should happen. Or more accurately, they are not thinking beyond the coffee machine at work. In Australia, for example, where the survey was done, six out of ten companies have no strategy for collaboration at all. They should have one - check out these figures!

1. Did you know that companies that encourage collaboration between departments double their chances of being profitable.
2. It is five times more likely that you will hire more employees.
3. Twenty percent of those who choose to leave a job do so because they feel it is lacking a creative atmosphere.
4. Sixty percent of employees feel that they are more innovative when they collaborate. 
5. Seventy three percent say that the overall result is significantly better.