Design for success


Invest in interior design if you want to feel and perform better at work. Few things can have such a quick impact on people's temperament and productivity levels!

"People want to feel needed and be acknowledged that the work they do is also appreciated. As an employee, one spends a lot of time interpreting and talking about the signals management is sending out," says psychologist Sally Augustin, who specialises in how our surroundings and design affect us.
Our self-image is often linked to our performance at work. If we sit in impersonal surroundings, perhaps in a clamouring office landscape where one is interrupted all the time, it is hard to feel unique and important. It has a direct impact on our performance. On the other hand, if management showed its appreciation by investing in the working environments used by staff, there would be an automatic improvement in commitment and loyalty. And it is always a good idea to allow employees be involved in and decide on how the workplace should be furnished. In this way the work spaces actually reflect the real needs of the employees.
"Being seen and that management listens to you is an acknowledgement that what we do is important. So good design does mean a lot.