For your eyes only


Data security is one of the most important issues at work. At the same time, it is a rather cumbersome issue and not particularly safe with passwords. We forget them or choose one that is way too easy to reveal.

Kinnarps has a look at Myris, a revolutionary new product being launched in autumn 2014, and which uses your eye. You look at your computer and it immediately recognises you. No, this is not science fiction and you do not have to be an FBI agent to have access to Myris which can be purchased for less than 300 dollars. And the process is as simple as taking a selfie. You connect Myris, which looks somewhat like a computer mouse to any USB port on your computer. With the exception of DNA, there is no surer method of determining a person's identity than through their eyes. Myris, which is designed by the Eye Lock company, looks at the unique characteristics of the iris, i.e. the area in the eye that can be found around and behind the lens. The clever thing also with Myris is that you can lock specific websites and files and only make them readable for your eyes only.