French world of fairy tales


French world of fairy tales

How would Jules Verne have decorated his favourite restaurant? The new popular bistro, the Le Pain Francais Bistro in Gothenburg takes our breath away.

With restaurants on almost every street corner, what do they have to do to attract customers? The Swedish architect and design agency Stylt Trampoli has a reputation for creating the most magical fairytale worlds.

In St Petersburg, for instance, a hotel inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment has been built, while in Stockholm a bistro concept based on the roaring twenties was designed. Stylt Trampoli has been on an even more bewildering trip back in time on Sweden's west coast in Gothenburg with Le Pain Francais Bistro by allowing patrons to discover La Belle Époque, the era from the middle of the 1800s up until World War One. An era when machine became man's best friend. Jules Verne sent Phileas Fogg on a trip around the world and Gustave Eiffel began his blueprints on the world's highest tower.

There was a spirit of adventure, balloon journeys and great belief in the future, which was the perfect inspiration for Stylt Trampoli. The Le Pain Francais Bistro restaurant has four floors, and it certainly feels like stepping into the Alice in Wonderland story with its distorted and oversized furniture and environments that reach all the way up to the roof terrace with its Parisian lamp posts. Magical! And this is a good example of how only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to interior design.