Greener world


What links Stockholm in Sweden with Addis Ababa in Ethiopia? They are two cities which, within the next few years, will have replaced fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

In fact, as many as 96 cities all over the world are planning to obtain their power supplies from green electricity by the year 2050. Since the world's cities account for 75 per cent of all CO2 emissions, this is a little ray of hope among all the tales of doom and gloom and climate change. Some places, such as the little Danish island of Samsø and El Hierro in the Canary Islands, are in fact already completely self-sufficient in green energy. But, as usual, it's all about money. Did you know, for example, that in the US, 57 billion dollars is to be invested in infrastructure by the year 2030? A hundredth of that amount would be enough to supply some 50 US cities with green energy.

It may be slow but we are making progress. And everyone's contribution is important. Here at Kinnarps, we're proud that we take responsibility for the entire process. From raw materials to how we design and use products made from pure materials – Making life better at work. We know that sustainable operations are good both for the world as a whole and for our business. And what happens at work triggers a chain reaction of positive events.