Journey to the centre of the earth


We are now building more below ground. Kinnarps takes a look at an entirely new phenomenon – the inverted skyscraper!

Architects have for millennia striven skywards and built higher and higher. Now it seems that an inverted "earthscraper" could be just as spectacular as a skyscraper.

This is a proposal from the Mexican architects BNKR Arquitectura and is planned to be built under Mexico Cityʼs main square. At 300 metres down in the ground, this proposed structure will be the deepest building in the world. The pyramid shape, which links back to pre-Columbian Mexico, will be constructed from glass to allow daylight to reach all the way to the bottom. The surface of the square at the top will also be glazed.

If it is built, it will undoubtedly be proclaimed as the "world's deepest office".