Magical mobile phone – or?


Not a month goes by when there isn't a new phone on the market that is smarter and kitted out with more and more amazing features and functions. But Cicret Bracelet takes the biscuit. Kinnarps takes a look at the phone with a touchscreen that displays on your skin. Talk about wearable technology!

Apple's legendary founder Steve Jobs normally always concluded his talks with the words: “One more thing…” And then he presented the real new product for a stupefied audience. Even if Cicret Bracelet is a French project, we can safely assume that it would have aroused the interest of super entrepreneur Jobs. The technology itself is concealed in a smart bracelet which also works as a projector that projects the touchscreen onto your arm.

Using laser-controlled sensors, you can use the Cicret Bracelet like any other phone. But will it work? The inventors themselves believe so, but there are also critics who maintain that the technological challenges are insurmountable. Cicret Bracelet is still only in concept mode, but it is indeed an exciting idea.