How will we solve the issue of energy supply in the future? Kinnarps has taken a closer look at an idea that is both innovative and exciting – a swaying tower.

The architect Rahel Belatchew has come up with a proposal for a new energy solution that goes beyond most – installing a new type of wind turbine on top of Söder Torn in Stockholm. The 26 floor high tower block would be extended to 40 floors which the original architect Henning Larsen had initially planned on doing. The tower is one of the most discussed buildings in Stockholm. When construction finally got under way in 1997, the City of Stockholm actually decided to reduce the number of floors by 14 and Henning Larsen pulled out of the project. Rahel Belatchew now wishes to cover the extended facade with piezoelectric  straws. The facade would be a super technological wind turbine where the large number of thin straws produce energy when they sway in the wind. The advantage over a conventional wind turbine is that the straws can produce energy even in very light winds, are quiet and have no impact on wildlife.
Belatchew's proposal is still however in the concept phase, but have you ever seen a more beautiful energy solution?