Responsibility for the future


From the very beginning, Kinnarps has focussed on finding solutions to achieve optimal efficiency – and to minimise our impact on the environment. We are now launching THE BETTER EFFECT, a concept which describes how we at Kinnarps see sustainability. In connection with the launch, we are also presenting our new sustainability report which shows that our rigorous and well-structured environmental work produces results.

It is important for us for both environmental and quality reasons to know where the raw materials we use come from. Today, for example, 94 per cent of all the wood raw materials that Kinnarps uses are certified and controlled, a figure that makes us a leading light in the industry.

“We are not satisfied until we reach 100 % - when all the wood raw materials that we need for our products are either controlled or certified. We want to know for both environmental and quality reasons where the raw materials that we use come from and what they contain. It’s also something that our customers naturally expect. The problem is to find suppliers who satisfy our high demands,” says Kinnarps Head of Sustainability Tomas Ekström.

At Kinnarps we have a long tradition of using pure materials as far as possible. And that applies to the whole chain – from the selection of raw materials and under what conditions they were produced, as well as how they affect us when we use them, up to how easy it is to recycle the product when it has finally reached the end of its life. 

Where others might see a chair or a desk, Kinnarps sees opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable future. We try to find solutions to assure optimum efficiency on the basis of the whole production chain. One example featured in the Kinnarps sustainability report is the fact that we have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 28 per cent since 2012.

“We have optimised our transport system by ensuring that our lorries are loaded on the basis of their delivery schedule, by using them in both directions and by maintaining a high filling level of over 90 per cent. That minimises complaints, reduces our carbon dioxide emissions and ensures more satisfied customers. We are constantly endeavouring to find even better solutions, such as having the lorry which make frequent trips between our factories run on bio-diesel,” says Tomas Ekström.

More information about our environmental work may be found here.