Signs of the sun


Ready for bed in the afternoons? Here is the solution! The German designer Viktor Reiter wants to reintroduce the natural movement of the sun into the home. The Ascent/Descent lamp imitates the varying strength of the sun during a day.

When you think about it this idea is both ingenious and obvious: A lighting system that automatically takes type of weather, seasons and time of day into consideration. The designer Viktor Reiter created the Ascent/Descent lamp based on these factors. The system consists of two so-called Fresnel lenses, similar to the lens used in lighthouses, which emit different light strengths at different light frequencies depending on the position of the upper lens. The possibilities are endless. It is even possible to imitate sunrises and sunsets. The light increases in strength during dark winter days and it is automatically lowered during the bright seasons. In addition to creating a nice atmosphere, this is an invention that will be of great significance in terms of our well-being. By adapting the light, one can influence hormone levels in the same way the sun does during the bright times of the year. Why not have a spring in your step all the year round?