Work in the city


Urban planning also works on a smaller scale. Be inspired by avenues and market squares for the ultimate workplace.

The cities of today have thousands of years of development behind them - from the ancient Greek's architectural grid pattern in the colonies via the ideal cities of the Renaissance to today's densely populated city centres. When the San Francisco-based architect firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed the blueprints for a new office for the company Square, they were inspired by cities. After all it is in cities people live and collaborate, and this has been made so much simpler through urban planning. Square's office has thus a wide "avenue" that leads up to a "square", where there is also a coffee bar. Glass-wall meeting rooms have been erected at strategic junctions. "When I think about cities, I think about shopping, buying coffee, taking a walk in the park. We wanted to create the same variation in the office," says Chris Gorman from Square.
According to Gorman, the design motivates staff to move about in the office and spontaneously integrate without planning it. To augment the city feel, the company has also started to experiment with pop-up shops in the square, where companies can display their wares.